HKS Iridium Spark Plug Range

The HKS Super Fire Spark Plug is equipped with an iridium core, .4mm fine wire center electrode, a U-groove tapered side electrode and a high corrosion-resistant nickel plated housing. This high performance plug still allows for easy start ups and prevents misfires during warm up and day-to-day driving. The melting point of iridium (2454 C) is higher than that of platinum (1769 C). Therefore, if detonation occurs, the iridium alloy can prevent melting off or breakage to the electrode.



  • 3 power runs with printed graph Β£199.00 + Vat
  • Diagnosis/set up on rollers Β£100 + Vat per hour
  • (Normal labour charge is Β£65.00 + Vat per hour)
  • ECU mapping starts from Β£400.00 + Vat


Price to hire per day is Β£700 + vatΒ  (9am – 5.30pm).

Engine Mapping is Β£450 + vat.

Fuel will be charged at pump prices for Super Unleaded.

Race fuelΒ and/or Ethanol is also available should you require it at an additional cost.

We have brackets for the following vehicles; Mitsubishi Evolution Range, Ford Cosworth, Nissan Skyline GTR, Nissan SR20DET, Nissan CA18DET, Subaru Impreza, Ford Zetec, Vauxhall XE. For any vehicles we do not already cater for we will be happy to bracket according to customers needs.

Please call for further details.

(01225) 700748.